Gather for Growth is the result of this global crisis of contact we’re all facing today.

Our screens have taken over, because our physical health is at risk when we get face to face. Our screens are in between us and the other now. And yes, that’s indeed ‘not the same’, we can’t deny that.

Nonetheless, we believe the deprivation of contact and connection is only in part due to these damn screens. It is also because we have unlearnt to connect to ourselves before we connect to the other. So many distractions take us away from us, when we try to connect with the other.

Gather for Growth offers connective online gatherings.. no shit.. what’s new about that?! We’re bombarded with online gatherings.

Well, the difference is that Gather for Growth offers online gatherings where you’ll be guided in an experiential way, guided to meet first yourself before you meet the other with whom you gather. Instead of leaving you with a list of things to do after attending, you’ll be doing a list of things while attending.
We use your body, your feelings, your mind, imagination and creativity to access you and what you need. Every gathering, every workshop aims to connect you with yourself through various exercices and experience, before you are invited to connect yourself with the other.

all artwork by Lore Ameel @