Men under Covid

I sit down and feel my shoulders heavy. It’s not like when a friend puts his hand on my shoulders. It’s more tha tI feel the weight of my body pulling my shoulders down. 
I feel demotivated. I feel demotivated to reach out to one my friends, demotivated to call or Zoom anyone… Not that I couldn’t do that. I just wouldn’t know what to talk about, nothing is happening anyways.

This second lockdown is going to be hard. I can’t come up with anything I could do with my friends online, particularly my male friends. In ‘normal’ times we would go to the gym together, watch a movie, go for a ride or just hang out..

I’m staring at my screen again. .

Does this sound familiar?

You’re a man and this lockdown stirs up feelings of loneliness and disconnection?
Do many of your male friends feel inaccessible, as if you’ve run out of ways to connect??
Are you losing connection with some of them ?

Does your experience feel somehow absent in the media?

If you would like to connect with other men in similar situations, maybe this series of online workshops could be for you.

Before you continue reading, try answering the following questions to see if this workshop would really fit you:

  • Do you feel limited in your interactions with your male friends in the current Covid crisis?
  • Are you curious about different ways to connect with men? That is, different ways than you’re used to.
  • Would you be curious to get in touch with what being a man actually means for you and how this could help to broaden the options you have to connect with your male friends?
  • Would you be up for building online connections with men with the purpose of trying out new ways of being with each other?
  • Are you open to including your emotions, body, creativity and imagination in an exploration of your inner man?
  • Are you tired of workshops that promise change, but leave you mainly with a list of things you need to change?

If you answer the above questions with ‘yes’, then this workshop could be for you..

In a six week period, we’ll gather 3 times to explore how we men engage with ourselves and each other and how this helps or hinders us in connecting.
What you will get:

  • 3 experiential workshops in which there’ll be an opportunity to explore, share and connect with other men
  • Each workshop will offer a structured framework in which you’ll get a chance to get to know yourself better and get to know your inner man.
  • As workshops are experiential, we’ll be using exercises and experiences where we include your emotions, your body, your creativity, your thoughts and imagination – think of guided meditation, movement, exploratory writing or drawing, etc.
  • You will be given homework in between sessions and some prework to do prior to the first session.
  • Each workshop will offer a structure that supports you to connect your experience with the other men in the group.
  • the workshops build on each other, so it’s highly recommended you attend all three:

Session I : A Man with Himself – Thursday 19th of November, from 17h to 19h30 (CET)

How do you relate and connect to yourself as a man? What images play into your experience of your inner man? Which sides of your inner man are familiar and which can we explore more? How does this relationship you have with yourself keep you from expressing yourself in a more connected way?

Session II : A Man with Other Men – Thursday 3rd of December, from 17h to 19h30 (CET)

What happens when you meet other men? How do you express yourself in contact with other men, how do you not express yourself? What do you feel comfortable about engaging with men and what makes you feel uncomfortable?

Session III : A Man under Covid – Thursday 17th of December, from 17h to 19h30 (CET)

How do you find yourself dealing with this health crisis we’re in? How do you allow yourself to be impacted and touched by what is around you at this very moment? How does your way of being a man intervene in this?

If you want to participate please click here

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